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Terms and conditions for hotel accommodation

1. The hotel is intended for a temporary living during the period agreed with the hotel in advance. At the end of the agreed period, the Guest is obliged to vacate the room. If you wish to extend the period of your stay it is necessary to inform the administrator of the hotel no later than in 2 hours before checkout time. Check-out time - 12 a.m., local time. It is possible to extend your stay in the same room if there is no confirmed booking in favour of third parties. Check in time - from 14.00 p.m. of the current day, local time. It is possible to settle in a room before 14.00 p.m. in case there are rooms available in the hotel.

2. Hotel Mode - non-stop.

3. Check in is accomplished upon showing a document such as: a passport, military ID or other identity document. The agreement for hotel services is considered to be concluded after the guest is consent with the current hotel rules and hotel registration.

4. Children under 7 years old with parents are free of charge if no extra bed is ordered.

5. Payment for accommodation and services in the hotel: Accommodation and service fee are established in the pricelist approved by management of the hotel. Payment for accommodation and services provided by the hotel, can be done in cash or non-cash as well as by credit cards in RUB. Check in is possible only after a full payment for the entire duration of the stay. In the case of departure delay for up to 12 hours after checkout time, guest will be charged for half day cost. When leaving after more than 12 hours after checkout time, full payment per day is required.

6. Pets are allowed. Our definition of "pet": small breeds of dogs and cats up to 5 kg. The hotel reserves the right to determine whether it is possible to accommodate a pet in the hotel room or not.

7. Guestbook is kept at the reception of the hotel and is available upon request.

8. The hotel has the right to terminate the agreement for the hotel services unilaterally or to refuse to extend the period of stay in the case of violation of the accommodation rules by the guest, delayed payment of hotel services or causing material damage to the hotel.

9. When leaving the hotel, guest should return a room to a maid.

10. The guests and the administration are guided by the current legislation of Russian Fediration in cases which are not covered by these rules.

11. The guest, is obliged to:

  • to close the taps, windows, turn off the lights and all electrical appliances when leaving the room;
  • to follow the established rules of the hotel stay, to keep cleanness and quietness;
  • comply strictly with fire safety regulations;
  • to compensate for damages in case of loss, injury or damage to the hotel property. Appraisal of damage is based on "the damage of hotel property price list ";
  • be responsible for the actions of the invited visitors;
  • timely and fully pay for all additional services provided by the hotel.

These rules do not conflict with and are based on the "Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights" and "Rules of providing hotel services".

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